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I am so thrilled to share my new book with you! The #1 request from my wonderful readers has been a bigger book featuring many more crystals -- I heard you! This new book combines both of my bestselling books into one complete and stunning volume, plus 50 brand-new crystals and magical rituals. I've updated and expanded every single page for a completely upleveled experience, and it's all wrapped in a beautiful design ready to grace your space. Whether you're newly crystal-curious or already completely crystal-crazy, I wrote this book for you.
With Love + Magic, Yulia (aka Goldirocks) ❤️
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crystal healing made modern

The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing series is the #1 bestselling crystal series published in the last decade. It pioneered a completely new style of crystal books with its combination of a relatable modern voice, and beautiful photography and design. Beloved worldwide, the series has been translated into multiple languages, won international awards, and established its author, Goldirocks founder Yulia Van Doren as a leading voice of the new generation of holistic healers.

The New Book

Crystal Healing: The Complete Modern Guide for Beginners + Beyond


Explore the healing powers of over 150 crystals and gemstones, and learn how to unlock their magic for your holistic wellbeing. 

This book combines Yulia's bestselling books into one complete and stunning volume, with over 50 brand-new crystals featured. Learn all the information and tools needed to get started with crystal healing, plus tips and rituals for crystallizing your everyday life. And the heart of this book is THE CRYSTALS, your in-depth guide to over 150 of today's most popular crystals, minerals, and gemstones for healing and wellness. 

Whether you're newly crystal-curious or already crystal-obsessed, this book is for you.


  • Autographed copy
  • 272 Pages
  • Hardcover with gold foil 
  • Published by Quadrille Publishing
  • Photography by Erika Rax/Angela Nunnink/Yulia Van Doren

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