Goldirocks exists to help unearth the magic within you.

In Yulia's words:

"When I first started dreaming up Goldirocks, my vision was to create a space where everyone felt welcome and included.

Although hard to believe now – with how popular crystals have become! –  just a few short years ago crystal healing was still quite ‘underground.’ Every book, website, and social media account I could find about the metaphysical side of crystals fell into two distinct niches: Hippie-Eclectic (think: obscure esoteric concepts, rainbow tie-dye, and nag champa galore), or Witchy-Occult (complex rituals, black cats, and alllll the moody filters). And though I have a very special place in my heart for all things hippie and witchy, I had an unshakeable intuition that something very important was happening worldwide: there was a growing number of people who were newly exploring alternative healing modalities like crystals, but who would feel intimidated by overly hippie or witchy vibes. Out of place, like they didn’t belong. Like crystal healing and magic weren’t meant for someone like them.

I am a lifelong, devoted student of alternative healing modalities and metaphysics, and I know from personal experience that nothing could be further from the truth. Crystals hold magic for ALLno tie-dye or black cats required (and by the way, no green-juice-routine or yoga-perfected-abs required, either!).

I’ve made it my mission to bring crystal healing into the mainstream. Because to me, mainstream isn’t a bad word; I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than a world where things like mindfulness and holistic healing are regular, everyday things can you?

Everyone is welcome here. Exactly as you are."