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Our quick-start guide to crystal healing. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level? That’s exactly what our books are for!

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Technical-speak: Crystals are structures which form when organic matter is exposed to a geological event, usually involving fire or water. They are unique among nature for their perfectly-repeating molecular structure, which makes them able to transmit energy (think: a computer microchip)

Magical-speak: Crystals are little miracles of limitless energy, radiant vibrations, and transformational magic!

The easiest way to begin to understand the power of crystals is to focus on three main elements: 

1. Vibrational Balancing: Crystals are uniquely able to move energy, both physical and metaphysical (aka beyond the known laws of physics), due to their molecular structure, which makes them such powerful energy/healing/magic tools; The unique ability of crystals to transmit and hold energy, both physical and metaphysical.

2. Color Healing: Colors have been recognized for their healing influence since ancient times. Crystals provide one of the easiest ways to add organic pops of color into your physical spaces, and they can literally change your mood and energy just with their rainbow hues.

3. Talismanic Magic: When you choose to bring a crystal into your life for a specific intention or goal — rose quartz to find love, pyrite for confidence, for example — you transform the crystal into a personalized talisman. Crystals function as powerful ‘accountability buddies,’ giving helpful nudges to both your consciousness and subconsciousness whenever they’re near, reminding you of the person you wish to be, the energies you wish to hold, and the life you’re ready to step in to. 

Cleansing and charging your crystals — especially when you first bring one home — is an important part of being a crystal owner. Popular options include water, smoke, sound, sunlight, moonlight, breath, and intention (note: please don’t use salt/salt water to cleanse your crystals; while salt does clear energies, it can be damaging to many crystals, it’s not worth the risk!). We recommend keeping things simple by using our quick Breath + Intention Ritual:

RITUAL Hold your new crystal in your non-dominant hand, and imagine a sparkling golden light filling your lungs. Exhale that light onto your crystal as though you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Repeat several times until you sense that all energy cobwebs have been blown away. Place your crystal in a sunny spot for 24 hours, so that it gets charged-up by a full cycle of sunlight and moonlight (if it’s a sun-sensitive crystal, only charge in moonlight). Your crystal should now be very refreshed, activated, and ready to work some serious magic! Repeat whenever your intuition tells you a refresh is needed.

Energy is that ‘thing’ which infuses, well, everything. It’s been given lots of names over the years, from God to Spirit to Intuition to Magic. There’s still plenty of mystery around energy and natural healing — things science hasn’t been able to explain (yet!) — but one thing is absolutely certain: energy is flowing around and through you right at this very moment, and has been/will be for every single moment of your life, from your first breath to your last (and beyond!).

All text fully copyrighted, from our best-selling book Crystal Healing: The complete modern guide for beginners + beyond